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What is a life coach? When I conjure up an image of a coach, I picture a balding middle-aged man wearing gym shorts, a beer gut hanging over the top, standing on the sidelines of some (insert sport here) event pacing back and forth screaming obscenities. Oh, and don’t forget the tube socks reaching towards his knees, the 10 year old Nikes, and the ever-present whistle hanging around his neck. This might not be the image that everyone sees in their mind’s eye, in fact I hope not…but it’s my tried and true. I am indeed a coach, but I can assure you that I do not wear gym shorts (although I do sometimes wear yoga pants), and I do not own a whistle.

As a coach, I see myself as a motivator and a sounding board. Just as an athletic coach would work to shape and tone your body, I work to shape and tone your life. It is my job to direct you to the place where you feel engaged in your life in a healthy and productive way. I will help you to clear away the clutter that has been holding you back and to set reachable goals to aid you in moving forward. I will not do the work for you, but I will offer you the tools and resources to do it for yourself.

I expect my clients to show up ready to work and willing to change. This is a process and it takes time and commitment. It is my commitment to support you through the process of meeting yourself. My technique is a combination of the Socratic Method, feedback, and good old-fashioned cheerleading. I meet my clients where they are and treat them as individuals. Together we can design a plan that works for you.

I do all sessions over Skype. You can receive coaching from the comfort of your own home.




  • Skype sessions


  • Occasional workshops




$75  per session/individual

Sessions are 50 minutes

I accept Paypal and credit card payments